Dry Washing Biodiesel

By Rick Da Tech


Some people don't have access to water where they process, some want to simplify the purification process, while some just don't like the idea of adding water to fuel for any reason.


Drywashing biodiesel with sawdust

Drywashing Biodiesel with Sawdust

First there was Eco2pure then wood chips and sawdust. This simple filtering process removes soap and glycerin.



drywashing biodiesel with Air

Air Washing Biodiesel

The Airwash process evaporates the methanol by passing large volumes of air through unwashed biodiesel. Once the methanol has evaporated, the impuries settle out.



ION Exchange Resins

ION Exchange Resins for Drywashing Biodiesel

A number of ION exchange resins are available to purify biodiesel. Different manufactures have taken slightly different approaches. Most of these beads will remove soap, but will last longer if soap levels are kept low.



cornelius keg biodiesel drywash tower

Soda Keg Resin Tower Plans

Sunbreak Bioofuels posted this dry wash resin tower design on the Infopop biodiesel forum. It's a simple way to make ion exchange towers using cornelius kegs. No welding required.



drywashing biodiesel with magnesol

Drywashing Biodiesel with Magnesol

Drywashing with Magnesol was one of the first methods of purifying biodiesel without using water. It also does a good job of polishing biodiesel.




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