Home Brew Biodiesel

Home Brew Biodiesel

Written by Rick Da Tech
This is the instruction manual supplied with B100 Supply Appleseed Processor Kits. It shows you how to assemble the B100 Supply Appleseed Kit and wash tank. It has instructions on how to make biodiesel using the Appleseed Biodiesel Processor. It includes detailed information on how to collect oil, how to process your oil into biodiesel, how to clean your raw biodiesel, and what to do with the byproducts. 200 pages Spiral Bound.


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Appleseed wiring schematic

Appleseed Wiring Schematic


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Biodiesel Tutorial

NREL Biodiesel Handling Use Guide

NREL Biodiesel Handling Use Guide

Download the NREL Biodiesel Handling and Use Guide Fourth Edition. This 56 page guide was developed by the Federal Government for consumers.



Best Practices Manual


altThis Best Practices Manual is a pdf download. It was developed by the folks at Dickenson College with collaboration from Penn State University, and authorities from the Pennsylvainia state government. It is targeted at homebrewers in the state of Pennsylvainia, but the information applies to all homebrewers and is definately worth downloading and reading.

Biodiesel 101


Biodiesel 101 e-manual for making biodiesel at homeA great manual for manual for making biodiesel at home. It is a free download available from biod101.com. With over 300 pages it's one of the most inclusive hombrewing electronic manual available on the Internet. The manual is filled with general homebrewing knowledge as well as some Arizona specific information.


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How to make your own biodiesel at home

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Making Biodiesel requires the use of flammable, toxic liquids and strong caustics to make a fuel. No matter what safety precautions are put in place or what equipment you use, making biodiesel will never be a safe hobby and can place you, your property, and your family at risk of injury or even death. Make Biodiesel at your own risk.


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